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On Susan Hiller at Aesthetica

Obituary of Taylor Mead in The Independent

On European Photography in Aesthetica

On Los Angeles Architecture in Aesthetica

On James Turrell in Aesthetica

On New Photography at MOMA in Aesthetica

On Post 1945 European Art at Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow

On Isaac Julien for Aesthetica Magazine February 2014

On Robert Heinecken for April 2014 issue of Aesthetica Magazine

On Iranian Modern and Contemporary Art in June 2014 issue of Aesthetica Magazine

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Review of Caroline McNairn at Summerhall in Aesthetica Blog

Review of 10 Dialogues at The RSA in Aesthetica

Review of Heather Ross at The RSA in Aesthetica

Review of Rosemarie Trockel at Talbot Rice in Aesthetica

Article on Turner Prize 2011 in Aesthetica

Review of Narcissus Reflected at Fruitmarket Gallery in Aesthetica

Review of Garry Fabian Miller and Susan Derges at Ingleby Gallery in Aesthetica

Review of Alastair Cook at The Howden Park Centre in Aesthetica

Review of Jean-Marc Bustamante at Fruitmarket Gallery in Aesthetica

Review of Gill Russell at the RSA in Aesthetica

Review of Claude Cahun/ Sue Tompkins at Inverleith House in Aesthetica

Review of Simon Starling at Tate St Ives in Aesthetica


Book Reviews


Review of Lila Matsumoto's Allegories from my Kitchen at Sabotage

Review of Eduoard Leve's 'Suicide' at 3:AM

Review of Samuel Ace and Maureen Seaton at 3:AM

Review of Kevin Killian's 'Spreadeagle' at HTMLGIANT: LINK

Review of Fuck Poems Anthology at 3:AM

Review of Jess 'O! Tricky Cad' in PN:Review 2013

Review of Jo L Walton's Invocation at 3:AM

Review of 81 Austerities by Sam Riviere

Review of Megan Boyle at 3:AM

Review of Johan Harstad at 3:AM

Review of Marc Saporta at 3:AM

Review of Masha Tupitsyn at 3:AM

Review of Ben Brooks at 3:AM

On Three Red Ceilings Press Titles

Review of Blake Butler's There is No Year at 3:AM

Review of James Davies' Plants

Review of Oliver Rohe's Vacant Lot

Review of Eighteens Anthology

Review of Joseph McIeroy's Night Soul

Review of Richard Kalich's Penthouse F

Review of Michael Peverett's The Littlest Feeling

Review of Laurence Rinder and Colter Jacobsen

Review of Dawn Raffel

Review of Simon Morris Getting inside Jack Kerouac's head

Review of Andrej Blatnik

Review of Piccadilly Bongo by Jeremy Reed

Review of Tristan Garcia's Hate: A Romance

Review of Tao Lin's Richard Yates

Review of Eileen Myles's Inferno: A Poet's Novel

On Alberto Manguel

On Christopher Higgs's Marvin K Mooney

On Lee Rourke's The Canal

On Guyotat's Coma

On Toussaint's Self Portrait Abroad

On Bruce Boone's Century of Clouds

On Tahar Ben Jelloun's The Rising of the Ashes

Review of Cedar Sigo's Stranger in Town



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Scottish Poetry Library


LGBT History Month

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Red Ceilings

So Anyway


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Commiserate with Ryan Van Winkle

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The Cat(s) Sat on the Mat in Lighthouse Journal 6

'Sol's a choreographer' in Gutter 5

Crocodile in Gorse 1

Mirage No4. Periodical 

Starry Rhymes

The Other Room Anthology

The Auld Fold - Four Fold

Department Magazine



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Gutter (Glovebox)

Other Room (Like)

Peter Burnett (Too Ok)

Iain Morrison (Like)

Harry Giles (Jacket2 Feature ed. Sandra Alland)

Picked by Sam Riviere at Faber Social (Glovebox)

Lila Matsumoto (Too Ok)

In United Airlines Hemisphere Magazine (a reading at Golden Hour)